Building relationships is key to ministry and reaching out. Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples. We see his example of spending day after day with them and loving them completely and serving them. These were his disciples and this is how he treated them and sought after them. We ought to do the same when reaching out. Jesus did not care that they were fishermen, tax collectors, political…

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I believe in Jesus. I believe in him absolutely and beyond all measure or cause. Oh boy, when I am at my darkest, when I am shining brightest, Jesus is there and he is standing and reigning and he is king over all. Nothing I do or do not do can change that. See, Jesus is Lord and Jesus is ruling and reigning regardless of anything that occurs or doesn’t. We may lose a few of the skirmishes, but…

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I think one of the most unique and probably biblical ways of going about  youth ministry is going  about it in the same way Jesus did, in the same way Paul did. See, Jesus came to them exactly as they were. He went to their level and he understood what they were going through and what they needed. He simply excepted them as they were and said, “I love you,” plain and simple. He went down to their…

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I went to my first Young Life golf tournament today. This is one of many opportunities to connect adults and sponsors with Young Life and what we do and to introduce them to our kids. The kids you meet through Young Life become the greatest friends you will ever know and the more you love them the deeper the friendship becomes. They open up to you during the oddest of times and tell you the most…

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My joy lies in Christ. Christ alone is my hope and my salvation, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Sometimes I think we use certain phrases or objects or lessons over and over without changing anything about them. The gospel is the same beautiful story of Jesus and his love and saving grace, but we overuse other things so much. If you’ve been to anyone’s house who happens to be a Christian…

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New blog for a new adventure: http://wp.me/s4K4tu-first

The greatest story ever told continues to inspire and invent new and wondrous fancies day after day. There is absolute freedom in this most gorgeous story. The story of love and death, of resurrection,  of healing and rage, of fire and kindness. I am given the delightful opportunity to share in this story as well and continue sharing its glory to the rest of the world. I love this old old story…

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This blog will be moving. I have not posted to this particular blog in such a long time. Though it…

This blog will be moving. I have not posted to this particular blog in such a long time. Though it has been a wonderful adventure for most of high school, I have not been able to continue it like this since graduation. I will continue writing and having adventures and I would still love for you to be a part of them. If you are interested in continuing this madness, follow me on to:


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Best Fonts Released on May. Lots of fonts from $4.

Fonts, fonts, fonts, and more fonts! As usual I choose the best and more remarkable fonts released on this past month. Tons of fonts are released every month, but I can’t show them to you all, some fonts are remakes, low quality, icons, etc. Nevertheless, there are really beautiful and innovative typefaces that surely will fit on your next project.

Also I try to highlight the discount that type foundry is offering, some deals are introductory offers that you never see again, so is worth to note that you can save a lot of money staying tuned of new releases.

My super favourites this month: Adorn by Laura Worthington (is a super complete family you don’t need anything more), Eleveth by Ryab Martinson, Urban Grotesk and Quiroga.

Feel free to click on the name of the fonts:

  1. Adorn
  2. Newslab (75% off)
  3. Eveleth (82% off)
  4. Feast
  5. XXII Yeah Script (40% off)
  6. Elysi (80% off)
  7. Silo (50% off)
  8. Ample (50% off)
  9. Flirt Script (30% off)
  10. Klimt (85% off)
  11. Woolen
  12. Kansas Casual (50% off)
  13. Mangerica (50% off)
  14. Campan
  15. Clasica (75%)
  16. Nanami Handmade (90% off)
  17. Urban Grotesk (50% off)
  18. Core Rhino (60% off)
  19. Suarez (30% off)
  20. Lichtspielhaus (80% off)
  21. Ringo (80% off)
  22. Quiroga Serif Std (70% off)
  23. Bitner (70% off)
  24. Helado

Did you like it? Then you should see the past months: JanuaryFebruaryMarch, April and past year.

If you want to see more lovely fonts and beautiful lettering visit:


Oh gosh…. I can’t breathe….

The closer I grow to God, the less I desire a relationship, but is it that bad of a thing just wanting to hold a girl’s hand?

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The Doctor. The man who makes people better”.

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How do you win the hand of an angel? You don’t. She isn’t a prize to win, but a life to work for. You must be willing to give your life for her. The strength of your heart will lead to acts by the strength of your hands. If the Lord is willing, she will be yours. Don’t think of what she can do for you, but how you can honor and serve her. Marriage is the joining of two identities into one love. Men, you must work for her and lead her and submit to God for further instruction. Women, don’t settle for less than God’s absolute best. This means in your own life as well. The man must work for you, but be a woman standing on Jesus, worthy of being pursued. A relationship must be a 100/100, both sides giving absolutely everything for this love. And by the grace of God, you will find the one, and he will join you in this holy oneness with the lover you have worked for and found worthy. Continue on to be the best God wants you to be, even if you never find another. God has greater plans for you, whether they be in marriage or in single contentedness. Desperate dependence on Jesus is the best way to know. I love you.